The challenges to be taken up in the agri-food sector are numerous and at Groupe Diakhaté, we believe that passion, excellence, innovation and integrity are the key to success in meeting these challenges. These values ​​define the identity of our company and they guide us in everything we do.
Over the years, in collaboration with our partners, we have acquired an important place in the national agrifood market and in certain countries of the West African sub-region (Guinea, Benin). We have been able to develop unique know-how in our sector of activity and distinguish ourselves through our expertise and the integration of complementary products and services.
At Groupe Diakhaté, we are committed to keeping the passion that drives us and to continue to surpass ourselves.

Weekly Tip

We have different types of layers
- laying hens in cages: marathon runners
Like a fund runner, this type of bird runs on the duration and therefore needs endurance and excellent physical condition

- layer hens in an alternative system steeplechase runners:
Floor layers face different challenges than caged birds. We can thus compare their life to a hurdle race.




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