We are building a company that reflects the values that we believe in. There are many challenges that we face in the agri-food industry and we believe that passion, excellence, innovation, integrity and heritage are the keys to success. These values define our corporate identity and guide us in all our decisions.

Throughout the years, Groupe Diakhaté and our partners have pushed barriers and have made a name for ourselves in the agri-food industry, not only nationally but also internationally. We are experts in our field and we distinguish ourselves with our expertise in the integration of complementary products and services.

We take pride in our business and it’s that passion that will make us surpass ourselves and remain a leader in the agri-food industry.

Weekly Tip

The three basic questions that a poultry farmer should always ask himself are: What do I see? What’s the reason? and What should I do?

These 3 basic questions are as inseparable as the 3 sides of a triangle. In aviculture, this means, production, housing (chicken coup) and health care.

Source: Signes de pondeuses: Guide pratique de l’observation des poules pondeuses, 2015



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